All We Know is Something Just Like This doesn’t happen every Tuesday night! The Chainsmokers were Closer than ever and just My Type. The One thing you should take away from tonight … It Wont Kill Ya to catch their next show even if it’s in Paris or New York City. Just being Honest!

Okay, now that I’m done attempting to be punny, I’ll fill you in on what may have been one of the best shows of my life and according to Drew and Alex, the handsome men of The Chainsmokers, this may have been their best show of the tour so far! That’s what they told us on stage tonight and I’m going to have to say I agree even though it’s the first time I’ve seen them live…

That being said I have been waiting forever to see these boys live and when I saw this tweet from them this morning it finally hit me that they were in Toronto for real!



Kiiara opened at around 8pm and rocked the stage with her cotton candy hair, and got everyone even more psyched for The Chainsmokers.



After performing her latest hit Gold, Kiiara’s sparkly legs sauntered off the stage and the countdown began until The Chainsmokers showed up. It was ten to 9 when a backdrop lowered and lit up. At 9 the digital backdrop flickered and Drew lit up in a spotlight and appeared to be texting. His conversation was displayed on the backdrop where we read his texts to Alex. The intro was a great display of their humour and obvious need to entertain.



The boys “found each other” via texts and Drew ran off stage to “find” Alex. The stage went black and the backdrop had vanished. (I say vanished but it probably just got raised while I was distracted by Drew’s beauty).

Notes of The One began playing and the crowd roared. As a slightly obsessed fan of these guys and by slightly, I mean I listen to their album on repeat on the TTC, at work, while I get ready, and well basically whenever/wherever I can. But hearing the crowd go nuts over the first few notes and realizing how many people, like me, know every word to every song just really makes me appreciate music and what it does for the fans.

Their first song was actually a mash-up of a bunch of their songs including oldies like Kanye. The mashup had a heavy bass remix and the ACC was LIT!



The second song off their album ‘Memories’, which the tour was named after, was also their second song of the set, (She Wants to Break Up Every Night) and as I said before, these guys know how to entertain. Drew was all over the stage from right stage to left, back and forth, jumping up and down and genuinely putting on a show for his fans.



If you are sensitive to bright lights… never go to The Chainsmokers’ concert.


But if you’re like me and a killer light show gives you a weird high then the ACC was the right place for you tonight! The lights were insAne and I loved every second of it.



The amount of times that Drew and Alex told us how much they loved TO was hard to count because it happened so often throughout the night. The NYC boys made it very clear to us that Toronto was a favourite of theirs.



As you probably know The Chainsmokers have been breaking the Top 40 charts for years now. The snuck into the scene with Selfie which went viral and then after everyone thought they were a one-hit-wonder, they started pumping out awesome remixes and original songs that people couldn’t get enough of. Tonight we got to hear some of their best songs like the hit of this past winter, Paris and their most recent chart-topper, Something Just Like This. 


We will stay in #Paris with you any day @thechainsmokers and I think all of #the6ix would agree

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Emily Warren who is featured in Don’t Say and My Type was also on stage tonight and she has some pipes on her, that’s for sure.



After The Chainsmokers played most of their hits I knew the night must be ending soon. However, as the thought ran through my head, the whole stage went white and silent.

A few seconds later, Drew and Alex appeared on stage and went through yet another hilarious skit.

They referenced Drake’s double appearance this past weekend at The Weeknd shows and for a split second I actually expected Drizzy to pop out on stage again.

But he didn’t and that’s okay because The Chainsmokers are more than enough for me!

Drew and Alex finished their set and left their screaming fans with a dark stage.. but we all knew an encore was on its way.

To follow suit with the rest of their show and basically have their set follow their album Memories, the black stage began to glow blue as their final song began: Last Day Alive. Last Day Alive is an interesting original of their because its actually quite beautiful sounding but then goes into this electric epicness (if that’s a word), that I can’t really place into a genre, but could listen to over and over.



Their final act of love for The 6ix was having the whole stage read “THANK YOU TORONTO” in firy lighting. I thought this was a sweet way of making the show more personal for the city.

The Chainsmokers have it all, lights, looks, humour, and good tunes. How could someone not have a good time at their show? And how can anyone not be a fan?

I admit, I may be biased, but The Chainsmokers put on one of the best shows of the year for Toronto tonight and I would add a show of theirs to your bucket list ASAP rocky!

Our own Mocha from The Roz & Mocha Show, interviewed Drew and Alex before the show, which you can hear on KiSS 92.5 in the morning, so tune in if you read this in time!



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