Take one cup of Abel AKA Starboy, add a few tablespoons of Drake AKA The Boy, and then add two full shows, three sprinkles of Belly, Rae Sremmurd and Nav. Then mix it all into one weekend. Voila! This my friends, is the perfect recipe for a proper Toronto weekend.

The setlist for the Starboy: Legend of the Fall World Tour was basically the exact on Saturday as it was on Friday night, and it was just as good if not better than Friday!



Belly came out again during a performance of Low Life/ Might Not. The Weeknd actually combines songs together like this a lot in his show. I liked it because it was your favourite stuff but slightly different so it felt new. Live music is the best because you can hear a song that you’ve heard a billion times over on repeat but then later you hear that same song live… and it’s like a whole new tune. There are artists you love more after seeing live and artists you kind of stop caring about after seeing live.


If you're not at the ACC tonight you are missing an inSANE show from @theweeknd !!

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Regarding our Torontonian, Abel he is the sort of artist you want to see again. and soon. I mean I just watched two shows in a row but if someone said I could see it again? I’d be doing the opposite thing of complaining, and that’s a solid fact. His vocals are incredible live and you will hear the same thing from everyone who was at either of the shows these past couple of nights.



If you read my blog from Friday night about the first of the two Starboy World Tour shows, you will know that I, being a major Selena-fan, was on the look-out for Selena Gomez all of last night but failed. And yet again,to my disappointment I couldn’t find her tonight either… However! She was in my vicinity which is enough for me and I know this because our lovely Kayla noticed that a girl who we assume is a friend of her’s, had posted with Gomez backstage during the concert!


@selenagomez is IN Toronto for @theweeknd concert here she is backstage with a group of friends

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The rest of the show included all the great songs you went to go hear. Angel which is hard not to get the feels over, Die for you, Tell Your Friends, In the Night, Earned it, Can’t Feel My Face and so many more were performed last night. It was such a full show you couldn’t have possibly felt empty handed after the show. The set was about 25 songs long and potentially perfect in every possible way.


Hands. In. The. Air! @aircanadacentre @theweeknd #starboytour2017

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A cute thing our Starboy did for us was calling out to Toronto several times in several songs. we got so much love from The Weeknd you couldn’t help but feel the 6ix pride in the air. Everyone was in the same vibe and Abel was on fire.

Even IF Drake didn’t show up again it would have been close to beating the first show.

Oh, but wait.

Did I mention Drake was there? Again? Yes. Yes, I think I DID!

The classic intro to Crew Love, the intro that takes me back to blasting that song WAY too loud in the car with my friends in high school, came through the speakers. As soon as I heard it I knew that Drake had to be back.


@champagnepapi joins @theweeknd on stage on toronto!!

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Safe to say everyone went ballistic and the screaming may have even beat Friday nights! 

Drake stuck around for a bit and killed it alongside his fellow 6ix legend. We even got to see a true act of bromance!  Damnit Maurie was at the show too with hubby Damnit Matthew and caught a photo of the two hugging on stage. (title photo at the top of the page, @damnitmaurie)



The show finished off on a high note with Hills as the closer. After two incredible shows this weekend Toronto was sad to say goodbye to The Weeknd, Drizzy and his Starboy 2017 World Tour crew.

Abel said his goodbyes, reminding us once again of his love for Toronto, before the music stopped playing and the lights came up.

The downtown TO streets began flooding with fans swagged out in their XO tour merch and as we all made a mad dash to either catch a train, taxi or toilet, we also began to accept that the The Weeknd weekend was officially and completely over. But that’s alright because it was a hell of a weekend for Toronto and we hope to see both of the 6ix boys back v soon!



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