The Weeknd and his Starboy 2017 World Tour took everyone who was in Air Canada Centre last night above and beyond even though he was the one who arrived via spaceship. Or should I say Starship?

Night one of two!! @theweeknd #starboytour2017 hasn't even started and we don't want it to end

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6ix legend, Abel is giving his hometown not one, but two shows this weekend and I can’t believe it but night one of two is already over!

The shows line-up was stacked with 6lack, Rae Sremmurd and Belly. 6lack took the stage at 7:45pm as everyone was getting seated but as soon as you sat down the show started and you were instantly back up and dancing which I don’t think anybody minded at all. Toronto was ready to party tonight!

It was interesting because after each of the artist’s sets, there was a good fifteen minute break which was kind of awesome so everyone could go out and buy merch and food/drinks. So as hyped as the vibe was in the ACC tonight it was also just fun with less of a fear of missing the next artist. Which I can definitely be prone to at shows like this with a killer line-up.

@raesremmurd just hit the stage at the Air Canada Centre! #noflexzone

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After turning up to so many great songs including a cover performed by Rae Sremmurd of Jammin originally by the great Bob Marley, (a personal favourite of mine so yes I fan-girled hard). It was 9:15pm all of the openers were done their sets and we were anxiously waiting for The Weeknd to step on stage.

Finally after all of the waiting, this huge spaceship looking thing on the ceiling, lit up and started lowering towards the landing strip of a stage The Weeknd had. It slowly tilted up and then a beam of light shot out and you could slowly see one of our Starboy’s shadow appear.

I now get why he calls himself Starboy… his talent is actually out of this world. Every fan I spoke with after the show agreed that his live vocals are the same if not better than his recorded stuff you will hear on his album. He can hit crazy notes and change his voice to make a song have that much more emotion. I think that’s why so many of us have fallen in love with not only his work but also just him as an artist and person.

@theweeknd killed it tonight at the ACC swipe to check out highlights from tonight's show

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Just as I was getting a feeling that the night might be over and we had heard almost all of his hits.. Mind you he has so many top songs he could have one of the longest yet most enjoyable sets out there.. But just as I was getting kind of sad that the night was coming to a close… BOTH of the 6ix boys were reunited on stage to perform Jumpman. And yes I mean Drake himself, key-holder of our city made a surprise appearance!

After everyone picked their jaws up off the ground and pinched themselves, the screaming and singing levels in the ACC doubled if not tripled.

OVOXO ?? @gibsonhazard

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After we said good-bye to @champagnepapi and pinched ourselves to make sure that just happened, The Weeknd played his last few songs and told Toronto he loved them one last time before leaving the stage.

It was the moment when the lights were coming up and people had started to leave. It was then and only then.. that I finally gave up looking for his latest arm candy Selena. The lovely Ms. Gomez was nowhere to be seen but there is always hoping for tomorrow night!

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^^^ Look how cute they were just a few weeks ago!

If you didn’t catch tonights show I really hope you have tickets for tomorrow and I maybe I’ll see you there, because tonight was the definition of lit. If you don’t have tickets or for some reason can’t be there always follow @KiSS925 on TwitterInstagram and Snapchat so you can pretend like you’re really there!

And so the The Weeknd weekend continues…



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