We’ve seen Justin Bieber spit bars before…




Now in a new Diplo record, Justin brings the heat on a song called ‘Bankroll’ that features rappers Young Thug and Rich the Kid.

On ‘Bankroll’ Justin raps, “I just wanna know if there’s gon’ be some interference, ’cause I’m lookin’ all around if that ass makin’ an appearance..Pledge allegiance to the flag, take the money out the bag…Throw the paper in the air, see it stickin’ on her leg.” It just gets dirtier from there with lyrics about an actress “bouncin’ on a mattress.”

Justin has teamed with Diplo before.

In fact, he received his first Grammy win on the song, ‘Where Are U Now’ that featured Bieber teaming up with Jack U (Diplo and Skrillex).



More recently, Justin has been featured on DJ Khaled’s ‘I’m the One’ and on the remix to Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’.



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