One of the funniest videos you’ll watch this week, is Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” play in a courtroom while a room full of adults have their ‘serious face’ on.



This hilarity took place because Eminem is currently suing the New Zealand’s National Party for using the song, or a song that sounds EXACTLY like it, in one of their ads. Eminem filed the suit in 2014 and it’s just found it’s way to court last week. Watch the ad in question below:



The party obtained the track from the Australian production music library and stands by their right to use it. The track is literally called, “Eminem-Esque,” which doesn’t help their case at all.




John Oliver hilariously broke down the situation on his show HBO Show Last Week Tonight:



As NME writes, “it is not clear at this stage what damages Eminem is seeking. Joel Martin, a spokesman for Eminem’s publishers, told reporters outside court that he was surprised the rapper and the National Party hadn’t already settled on an agreement.”



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