Dart Guy has become the Maple Leafs official playoffs good luck charm! We’ve seen him on TV and on social media, with his painted face, beard and a smoke in his mouth, and people are loving him!

Dart Guy himself called into KiSS 92.5 this morning to talk to Roz & Mocha!


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The Roz & Mocha Show

Roz & Mocha Thank #DartGuy For Bringing The Leafs Some Luck!

Originally Aired: April 18, 2017


First off, Dart Guy confirmed that he WILL be at Game 4!

His real name is Jason Maslakow and his regular job is at the Toyota plant in Waterloo, and he “…had a nice long shower” to get rid of all the paint, so he can head back to work.

When Roz & Mocha asked about his new fame as Dart Guy, he said, “People keep using that word ‘fame’, I don’t see it that way. I appreciate it, but I don’t see it that way.”

Dart Guy is married and when asked about what his wife thinks of his painted face he simply said, “She knew what she was getting into!”

“People are always going to have an opinion,” Jason says when Roz asked about the backlash about him having a cigarette in his mouth in all the photos. “It’s not always going to be positive, but that’s their right. I’m not sitting here encouraging anyone to smoke; I’m sitting here as a Leafs fan and a passionate fan”

Roz demanded answers, “You bring nothing but good luck, people worship you, and you showed up at Easter. Prove to me you’re not Jesus!?” Dart Guy laughed and said “I can’t do that!”

I think we can all agree that the #DartGuy Memes are amazing!!




Plus, Dart Guy has the cup shaved into the top of his head! This guy is awesome and hard core!




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