When Bruno Mars dropped his third studio album, 24KMagic, fans were excited to hear from Bruno and like his first 2 albums, fans were definitely not disappointed with his new record.


Following the success of his lead single, 24KMagic, Bruno released his second hit, ‘That’s What I like’ which is currently no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100’s Chart.


And to celebrate Bruno’s magical music, here are the top 6 best remixes of ‘That’s What I Like’.


Bruno Mars –  “That’s What I Like” Remix Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Bruno Mars + PND = an R&B spin with an effortless flow.



Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like” (Cabuizee Trap Remix)    

The remix that adds beat but still continues to keep the smooth sound of Bruno.



Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like” Remix ft. Ariana Grande & Future “Everyday” 

Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars and Future all in ONE mashup …can’t get any better than this!




Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like” (Rafael VIana Remix)

The remix that speeds up the songs natural sound.




Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like” (Keem & Godunov & Burlyaev Remix Bootleg) 

An electric twist on the R&B hit.




Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like” (Muffin Flip)

And lastly, this remix has a cool ‘scratch’ sample that joins with the song’s background.




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