Damnit Maurie of the Roz & Mocha Show was inducted into the Humber Radio Hall of Fame on Friday Night!

Part of the induction ceremony included a speech from Maurie himself, and anyone who enjoys the Roz & Mocha Show, knows that Maurie always has to tell bad jokes to try to get a laugh!

Naturally, Maurie started his speech with a joke, “so, a radio frequency analyst walks into a bar…ohhh….that megahertz!”

Another highlight fro his speech was when Maurie shared his loves for halls…and fame…saying, “Ah, the hall of fame. Two things I’ve always loved, together at last. Halls, and fame. There’s Jerry Hall, Arsenio Hall, Michael C. Hall… Hall and Oates. Our beloved Let’s Make A Deal host, Monty Hall… Annie Hall… uhhhh… Hall-e Berry… Hall-elujah?”

In an effort to minimize any issues at home, Maurie publicly asked his husband Matthew during his speech “One last thing, before this is the cause of a fight at home… Matthew does this go with the decor?!”

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