The Weeknd and Selena Gomez are slowing morphing into everyone’s #CoupleGoals. Through Instagram, we now know that the pair share clothes and that they’re open about adorably teasing each other in public. Well at least in public on social media.


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Over the weekend, Selena Gomez posted the below photo to the gram:


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Thanks to account @SelenaGomezUpdates24, we see that The Weeknd left a comment on the picture that says “sweater,” with the eye roll emoji.



HOW CUTE IS THAT?!? The pic of Selena Gomez also confirmed that she’s back in studio and has new music coming very soon. As Hollywood Life reported, “Selena is super psyched to be back in the studio again. Joining The Weeknd on tour really revved her up to start making new music again and she’s loving being back at work.”


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So is sharing clothes with your partner super cute or the cutest thing ever??

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