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Ahh your first love aka the fairytale ending.  Your first love can happen as early as high school.  It takes over our youth, fulfills our dreams and we believe that love is supposed to look and feel a certain way.  We tend to believe that our first love will be our last, our one and only; we convince ourselves that this is what love is supposed to be.  This type of love focuses on how others perceive us rather than how we actually feel.
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The second love is what you would consider to be the ‘hard love’.  This type of love teaches us the valuable lessons about ourselves, it brings great pain, the pain of deceit, lies and loss.  We will believe that with this love, we’re doing something different, but in reality … we’re not!   This is that love that will teach us how to grow.  This love will cause you to experience pain and what you really need in your next relationship.  This love … and I know PLENTY who have gone through this … will become a cycle … it’ll be repeating the SAME issues over and over again.  You believe that each time will be different and you’ll expect a different outcome but when that cycle ends, you’ll only be worse off.  This love is looked at to be unhealthy rather than unbalanced.  It’ll be surrounded by drama and well … like most, we hold on to that drama for what reason … who knows.  Unfortunately with this love, it’ll bring a need to make things work rather than focusing on the relationship itself and knowing if it’s working.


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The love that NO ONE expects … the love that will surprise you and will make any negative idea we once had about love, just disappear.  This love is considered to be the ‘easy love’ – the love that is simple with no complications.  It’s the love that comes our way when we’re not looking.  This love will not be complicated like your past loves.  A few things to know about the third love: 1.) this love is not the one we dreamed of . 2.) This love does not follow any rules.  3.) This love will break all notions we had about our greatest love and what it would look like.  This love not only teaches us how to feel love but to also how to give love.



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For some, you might not have yet experienced the 3 different stages of love.  Why? because you might not be ready for each love.  And remember, love is an experience.  It deserves appreciation and processing.



Whether you’re part of the ideal love, broken love or the perfect love, you will learn something about each.  If you’ve only had one love during your lifetime, don’t worry … it’s been said that you are not required to have multiple loves.


You are your own journey and it’s your love story.

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