Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry would so make the best of friends!

During her interview with BBC 1 Radio before the Brit awards that went down earlier this week, good ol’ Ed decided to crash in on Katy’s interview – the strangest thing … they got along as if they’ve been best friends forever!

One of the first things Katy said to Ed was, “Thanks babes for keeping me off the number one spot.”  Ed is currently on the top of the Billboard Hot 100’s Chart.

Ed then recalled, “First time I ever met Katy, I played a gig in Toronto, and I was sweating so bad,” Sheeran revealed. “I walked up to her, and I was like, ‘Hi.’ And she said, ‘I would hug you, but ew.'”

Watch the FULL interview here PLUS watch how Katy tries to prank one of her superfans but then the tables turn on her!



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