During an appearance on the Allegedly podcast with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss to talk about his new EP LøVë, Aaron Carter had a message from Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun, “I hope you’re enjoying my pavement.”

He continued, “When I was younger, I was looked at as taboo. ‘This little kid that looks like a girl singing, you want us to have him on our radio station? You’re crazy, hell no.’ …I was never a radio artist. Ever. But somehow I sold even more records even to this day still than Justin Bieber.”

Now, Carter and Bieber do have some history. In an interview with Billboard back in 2015, Justin’s attorney Aaron Rosenberg was asked how Bieber avoided “not turning out like Aaron Carter?” The attorney replied, “I have a speech that I give to clients called the five F’s to staying grounded in this business: family, faith, friends, fans and the formula. I think for Justin, connecting with all five F’s, especially with faith, helped him through some confusing times.”

Understandably, Carter was not thrilled about that. He told Oprah during an appearance on her Where Are They Now? show, “I found such offense in that. I thought that was outlandish. Maybe there is some sort of threat, here?”

He addressed those comments in the new podcast saying, “They must be scared… I would be threatened too. If I was Scooter Braun, I would be threatened too.”

In 2012, Carter tweeted he noticed similarities between he and Justin saying,



He’s also thrown some shade Justin’s way in the past.

Now, before ‘Beliebers’ get all upset, Aaron Carter has praised Justin in the past,



And in this same interview he acknowledged that Justin was the better singer, “Trust me, when I was a little kid and doing it – first of all when I was his age, I couldn’t sing anywhere close to how good he is…He’s a way better singer than me. It was just always – it was always different.”

If you’re wondering if Aaron would ever collaborate with Justin on music, he put that to rest quickly saying, “Absolutely not.”

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