Mariah Carey debuted a music video for her brand new single, ‘I Don’t’ featuring YG.

The video itself includes a wedding dress being burned, an expensive engagement ring *which we assume it was given to her by ex-finance James Packer*, a very fancy car, a really nice house and not to mention, Mariah herself wearing sexy lingerie.

Mariah, who at the age of 46, not only wears a white, wedding like lingerie piece in her video, but also wears black latex lingerie and a figure-hugging red gown.

Check out some of these lyrics:

“But I’m tired of cryin’, no more tears, pity party of the year.  Cold at night ’cause you’re not here. Leaving you was my worst fear. I was caught up, I was blind. You kept playin’ with my mind.” — wonder who she’s referring to?! #Hmm.

And then to top it all off, towards the end of the video – Mariah throws a white gown into a fire.

Mariah, who is rumoured to be dating her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, may also have another video in the works because she recently posted a picture on her Instagram, wearing high heels, fishnets and a leotard.


Climb every mountain @gunnarfitness

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#IDONT video world premiere is live now on @vevo. Check it out, then download the song.

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#IDONT. Thanks for keeping this video at number 1 on @iTunes, @YouTube and @Vevo lambs. I love you! 

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'Cause when you love someone, you just don't treat them bad… #IDONT

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#IDONT available now on @iTunes.

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