Someone working at The Simpsons needs to tell us where they’re keeping their time machine!

Lady Gaga’s halftime performance from last night can now go on the long list of things that the show has weirdly predicted.



Back in 2012, during season 23, in the episode “Lisa Goes Gaga,” Mother Monster is suspended from the sky and descends down to the stage to play piano in a crazy costume.



Flash forward to last night when an eerily similar series of events took place in Houston.



What makes this prediction even stranger, is the constellation of lights that formed a cowboy hat in the sky above Gaga in the episode. Weirdly enough, at the Super Bowl, a series of lights formed an American flag above her head as she began her performance.



Amidst all the strangeness of The Simpsons’ incredible foresight, we can’t forget to honour the true visionary here; Spongebob:


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