The Internet can be a special place, but it can also a nasty place, especially the YouTube comment section.

Canadian YouTuber, Lilly Singh – a.k.a. ‘Superwoman’ – is no stranger to rude comments, just by virtue of being a YouTuber, she undoubtedly endures her fair share of Internet trolling. Well this time, ‘Superwoman’ decided to address one of her Internet trolls.

Someone suggested that Singh belonged in the kitchen and stated that was where women should be and even suggested that she go and make him a sandwich.

Well, she did just that…sort of.

She went on to address male insecurities and really made the Internet troll look very silly by doing just what he asked: she explained how to make a sandwich, only hers came with a slice of shade and it’s perfect, check it out in the video above!

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