Penny Oleksiak captured the hearts of Canadians and 4 Medals in the pool during the Olympic Games in Rio!

Roz & Mocha spoke to her on the phone while she was in Rio, but now that she’s returned home to Toronto, she dropped by the KiSS 92.5 studios to share stories from the games, explain how she snuck home before the closing ceremonies, and her trip to Canada’s Wonderland!

Penny confirmed a rumour that Roz had heard that she snuck back to Toronto in between her events and the closing ceremonies where she was Canada’s flag bearer.

“I flew back home, had a 10 hour flight, and then stayed for 2 days, went to Wonderland, and then flew back.”

When Mocha asked if anyone recognized her at Wonderland, Penny replied, “A couple people asked if it was me, but I like just like no, no.”

Oleksiak missed her friends so much that she was willing to endure 2 ten hour flights just to get the chance to spend 2 days with them.

“I just missed my friends and stuff, so I was like ‘you know what Mom, I just want to fly home'”.

Penny is set to appear at parade and homecoming party to celebrate her achievements and those of her fellow east-end athletes. The Beach Village BIA will host the parade and party this Sunday, August 28th starting at 11am.

According to the Star, other Beach-area athletes the BIA hopes to honour are a beach volleyball player, Kristina Valjas, beach volleyball coach, Steve Anderson, bronze-medal sprinter Aaron Brown, swimmer Javier Acevedo, and several canoers and kayakers from Kew Beach.

Mocha told Oleksiak that, “This time when people say ‘Yo, are you Penny’, you gotta say yes.”

Penny slyly replied, “Maybe not, we’ll see”.

Maybe not much has changed for the 16 year old.

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