While you read this blog, you should probably start packing your bags and get ready to move to Cormorant, Minnesota. That’s exactly where I’m headed because their mayor is A FREAKING DOG.




Cormorant has about 1000 residents. Back in 2014, the town voted in Duke, a Great Pyrenees, as mayor. Only 12 votes were cast in that election and Duke won as a write-in candidate. I hope everyone who lost to the pupper was not the least bit ashamed. Humans can’t compete with the perfectness of a dog.


This week, 9-year-old Duke was elected to his third straight term. In the two years since being elected, the gorgeous canine has garnered near UNIVERSAL approval. Something only achievable by a loveable dog, or possibly a hilarious monkey.




Duke has the distinction of being the first and only dog mayor in America. The town celebrated his re-election during the town’s sixth annual Cormorant Daze Festival. As WDAY writes, Duke’s girlfriend might be coming for his throne, “everybody voted for Duke, except for one vote for his girlfriend, Lassie.” Check out the video below from WDAY who covered the event and interviewed David Rick, the owner of Mayor Duke.



If you’re an American, your choices for a political leader are, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Duke. I’m 100% confident that Duke wins every time. First a Dog Mayor, then a Dog President.


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