#Bianca returns

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If you attended Mariah Carey’s costume party in Italy it would’ve been hard to elude the Elusive Chanteuse. (Also, call us, we’d like to chat.) It would have been impossible to avoid Mariah because the theme of Mariah’s party was.. MARIAH CAREY.




According to Page Six, everyone at the party, even the dudes, were dressed as Carey, “The “Heartbreaker” songstress, 46, took a break from the European leg of her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour” with a self-indulgent costume party along Lake Como, Italy, this weekend where 40 of her closest pals all dressed up like the singer.’ ‘even the men dressed like Mariah.'”


Ladies and gentlemen… #Bianca

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And as you can see above, Mariah went as her alter ego, Bianca. If you don’t remember Bianca, take a look back at the time Mimi interviewed her.



Mariah just can’t get enough of Mariah.



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