Rogers and Vice have partnered for a new television experience, Viceland. The channel officially launched this week and Blake Carter had the opportunity to sit down with the creators of two of the channel’s most anticipated shows. Watch her interviews with Weediquette‘s Krishna Andavolu and Noisey’s Zach Goldbaum.


Krishna Andavolu spoke to Blake Carter about how Weediquette is not just a show about weed. It dives deeper into the medical and socioeconomic realities of the drug. And watch Krishna clarify that he is actaully not high during their interview.

Via ViceLand: “A weed show like no other. Weediquette sparks fresh greens and scrapes the resin on an investigative journey of heady discovery. We’re living in an age of radical transformation for the culture of marijuana. VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu explores the world of weed by meeting people whose lives hang in the balance of our new pot paradigm.” 



For more information on Weediquette head over HERE and check out the trailer and the entire first episode below:




Zach Goldbaum received the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to sit down with music’s biggest star at the height of his stardom. Watch Zach talk to Blake about his adventures in Kendrick Lamar’s home town of Compton and reveal how he almost didn’t make it to this very interview.

Via ViceLand: “The people and places that make the sound. Host Zach Goldbaum takes us around the world to explore the artists and communities in the most compelling, and sometimes controversial, music scenes. Created by long-time VICE filmmaker Andy Capper.”



For more information on Noisey head over HERE and check out the trailer and the entire first episode below:




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