NickJonasVEVO / KiSS 92.5
NickJonasVEVO / KiSS 92.5

Ever wondered what Alessia Cara’s cover of ‘Levels’ would sound like mashed up with the original version from Nick Jonas?

About a month ago, we had Brampton’s own Alessia Cara, live in the KiSS 92.5 studios to perform live and speak with Roz & Mocha.

During that visit, she treated us to her incredible cover of Nick Jonas’ ‘Levels’, which you can check out below…



Well, that got us thinking…what would her soulful acoustic cover sound like mashed up with the original version?

Thanks to a brilliant piece of production, and a little bit of video editing magic, we’ve now got the answer!

Check out the KiSS 92.5 Exclusive Remix of Nick Jonas ‘Levels’ featuring Alessia Cara!



How does our remix compare to the original?