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He’s BROKE!!!

50 Cent used to be like this….




But now he’s like…




A company called Sleek Audio has FROZEN 50’s bank account because he hasn’t paid the whopping $17.2 million judgment he owes them. Sleek claimed that he sole their headphone design and tried to market them as his own, and the law, unfortunately for 50, decided to side with Sleek.




Talk about a MAJOR blow to his confidence!!! However, a source close to 50 says he has access to all business accounts and the only one impacted by this situation is his personal account. His attorney said they are trying to appeal to the Sleek judgment and not to worry about 50’s assets as they are “appropriately protected.”




Looks like 50 Cent won’t be taking anyone to the candy shop until he can withdraw at least 50 cents from his ATM!!!



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