It’s hard to find someone who you connect with, but when you find out that you are closer than either of you could EVER, have imagined…..

Remember when those two people on Tinder met, and later found out they were long lost brother and sister??? Well, sort of the same thing here, but 5 times worse….




Paul and Lee were two gay lovers, who met online. They exchanged flirty messages for two years, before hooking up. Their relationship grew and grew closer, and they were thinking of getting married.


But something didn’t sit right with Lee’s family, who noticed a striking similarity between his mom’s ex husband, and Lee’s partner Paul…




Both men wanted the record set straight, so they appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show, and requested a DNA test!

When DNA tests were done, results showed: They were long-lost….BROTHERS (well half, because they share the same mother!)




Ya, that’s right.. you read that right!




Naturally, both men were in utter shock, at a loss for words!




The two had never met before online. When he was only 18 months old, Paul was taken into care, and Lee was later conceived by their mother Ena.


Since then, both Paul and Lee have moved on, BUT they still remain very close, as brothers.