You’re at a party having a great time! All of a sudden, that guy everyone knows and hates takes over the music because he’s a “DJ” and sends everything on a downhill spiral…We’ve all been there. Hanging out at a great party with a few friends when all of a sudden the host’s playlist is interrupted and “DJ Billy” over there who thinks he knows what’s best. It’s a terrible experience and completely ruins the mojo, BUT there is a cure!




DJ-51 is a new app that will keep “DJ Billy” away and make everyone happy! It utilizes you and your fellow party-goers’ Spotify libraries to create a mega playlist of music you all like. It seems like the perfect thing for any and every party!




Here’s the thing, though…everyone has a song or two that they just don’t want people to know about. What if you’re at this party and the the music is a hit! Then, suddenly, from the depths of your Spotify library comes a Celine Dion song!




Sure nobody will know it’s yours, but you will! What if people start asking questions? What if your friend, who knows your secret pleasure outs you in front of the crowd!? This app may be the cure to a serious party issue, but could it also be the birth of something worse? Probably not.




(Images via iTunes App Store/ DJ-51, Wikipedia/andymoor1980, Flickr/Michael)