A Serbian pop-star decided to call Kim K out, accusing her of stealing her style. YIKES!

Everything has to come from somewhere, right? 36 year old Serbian pop star, Jelena Karleusha, is convinced she is behind Kim Kardashian’s style. She’s even been making side by side comparisons on Instagram…


She even went all out and made a collage. Someone’s passionate about this?


You’re probably thinking ‘Alright who is this girl compared to Kim Kardashian?’ Well, Jelena has 10 studio albums and has been in the music industry for over 20 years. She’s one of the most popular and successful musicians in Eastern Europe. THAT’s who she is.

Jelena spoke to Us Weekly saying “I think that her stylists are inspired by my IG page, not her. I don’t have a stylist, I do it all by myself.” She then made a 180 and said “She is beautiful, so it doesn’t matter if she put anything on her head. She doesn’t need hair at all.” 

Let’s face it, EVERYONE wants to look that hot. Obama would probably rip off that style if he could.



(Images via Jelena Karleusha, Kim Kardashian)