jamessizedDo you have, or know someone with a full on mane-of-a-beard? Well break out the shampoo and razors because they ARE as gross as they look!It’s no question that beards are ‘hot’ and every man wants a thick luscious mane to go with their man buns BUT are beards actually hygienic? According to recent studies, beards (stubble included) are a sponges that trap and hold bacteria! If you’re not turned off of beards after learning that, just wait until you read more!


According to Birmingham Trichology Centre trichologist, Carol Walker and University of London microbiologist, Dr. Ron Cutler, beards are a bacteria bank! They said it’s because the hair that makes beards and mustaches is more course, pointed and knotty. That means that germs, food and who knows what else get’s trapped, absorbed and passed on!


Examples include dairy products and hand germs! Men just love to play with their beards which means that whatever gunk they have on their hands gets passed on to their manes. Even worse, dairy products drip and dribble down into the beard and mustache, leaving that wonderfully rancid aroma.


Here’s the worst part!!! All those germs and bacteria are absorbed or ingested by men through their skin and mouths…and passed on to any and everyone they kiss or even hug! You’d think that regular cleaning and grooming would take care of the dirty issue, but you’d be sadly mistaken. The only way to a clean, germ-free face is to whip out the razor and shave, shave, SHAVE!



(Images via Instagram/ @jaredleto, @zaynmalik, Wikipedia/ ytoyoda)