He’s the most popular character from The Hangover movies and Thaddeus Kalinoski is reaping the financial rewards of $250,000 a year for looking like Alan.

Thaddeus says he let a beard grow for a few weeks and was looking in the mirror when it hit him. “Then one day after not shaving for several weeks I looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘wait a minute – you look like Alan.’ People started telling me when I was out at night that I looked like him. So for kicks I decided to see if there was some money in doing this as a part time job to earn some extra cash.” He started out visiting Atlantic City but it was a weekend away in Vegas with a friend that changed everything. He now makes up to $1,000 per appearance. “Groups often ask me to join them for dinner or a night at a club. It felt strange to be with strangers at first, but what was easy for me was that acting like Alan meant it wasn’t awkward. As long as I acted like him, most of the groups would just make jokes and have fun. It is a fantastic experience dipping into people’s lives like that.”

Here’s Thaddeus before he became ‘Alan’

alan real

And here he is being ‘Alan’ – even meeting Bradley Cooper

alan 6
alan 5
alan 3