Yes, you read correctly. Air from Kanye West’s Yeezus tour is being sold (for a fare chunk of change too).The Yeezus Tour was Kanye’s biggest and best tour yet (there’s not question about that). All kinds of fun stuff happened including Kanye telling a wheelchair-bound man to stand!




The tour that almost sold out was so loved by Kanye’s fans that people have packaged air from the shows and put them up for sale on eBay! The listings range anywhere from 99 cents to the Chi-Town holy grail at $155 USD!!!




There are two questions that come to mind in this situation: A) Who buys air? B) What kind of air can we sell for some extra cash? If you want to place a bid on some Yeezus Tour air, you can do it here.




(images via Flickr/Corey Velazquez, YouTube/DailyPicksandFlickseBay/teptep)