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Is it Nicki Minaj, or Christina Milian???? Or is it SOMEONE ELSE?!!

Nicki Minaj and Christina Milian have had a mini feud over who really used the phrase “on fleck” first. Nicki first used the phrase in her song Feelin’ Myself with Beyoncé, saying “pretty on fleek” BUT THEN, Christina Milian started selling t-shirts that read “Pretty on Fleek”!!!!




Nicki took to Instagram and posted a screenshot when “Fleek by Onika” was trending, saying

“Fleek by Onika [sad face emoji] – I saw Christina sellin tshirts that say Pretty on Fleek. I was waitin on my percentage at the door. *tilts head*”


Christina commented back on the photo saying she’s been saying on fleck FOREVER, but then cleared it up saying her line is called “We Are Pop Culture” and is really only paying homage to the saying.


Nicki NOR Christina are fooling us though… EVERYONE knows where “on fleek” really came from!!!






(Photos via Pop Crush)