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Aaaaand it’ll be starring one of the ORIGINAL cast members!!!!


It’s OFFICIAL. Independence Day 2 is in the works and JEFF GOLDBLUM is coming back!!!!!!!




Yeaaaah baby!!! That’s what we’re talkin’ abouuuut!!! He’ll be reprising his role from the original, alongside Liam Hemsworth as the lead, and Hollywood new-comer (kind of) Jessie Usher, who will be playing Will Smith’s!!! This is how we feel:




But wait… Why isn’t Will Smith coming around for the second movie?!?!?! He has a son in it DOESN’T HE?!?!? WHAT HAPPENED TO WILL SMITH!!!!!!?????





Maybe he’s too busy canoodling with Margot Robbie!!!! Just kidding… (Maybe)






(Photos via Andrew Doughty)