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Strap yourself in because this is about to get confusing.

It hasn’t even been A DAY and there’s more drama to add to Chris Brown’s alleged 9 month old baby girl, with model Nia Gonzales. It’s pretty crazy and hard to understand soooo…. Stay with us!!!




So we know for a FACT that Chris Brown had an affair with the model while he was with Karrueche Tran… BUT, apparently, the man who goes by @royalty_yaye_bah was told by Nia HE was the father of the baby, but she’s been telling her friends that Chris is the father…


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And from his Instagram, it was clear he was a father to the baby. We need Maury!!!

What’s even greater than all this drama? What Chris’ long time on-again-off-again girlfriend says about it!!


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Maybe Nia and Chris are made for each other!!




(Photos via Twitter)