The Edmonton Oilers’ New Mascot May Kill You While You Sleep

Twitter / Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers introduced Hunter, their first ever mascot, today on Twitter. The team decided to go the “threaten your fans with murder until they cheer,” route, for their mascot.


“He’s jumping around, he’s dancing… he’s crazy.” #OilCountry kids are loving the #Oilers new mascot Hunter!

— Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) September 26, 2016


Hunter is a Canadian Lynx by day, presumed surveyor of children’s playgrounds by night. As Deadspin writes, there was a long process that went into choosing this rabid animal for their mascot:


“One of the main criteria was to select a mascot that was approachable and huggable.

Over 2,200 students from kindergarten through Grade 9 were surveyed to identify the most popular of the mascot candidates produced and Hunter, the Canadian Lynx, was “far and away the most popular” according to Harrop.

The other day they took the newly created Hunter to one of the schools used to test market the mascot to show them the result of their input.”


The start of #Oilers preseason got us like…

— Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) September 26, 2016

The Internet is afraid, very afraid, of Hunter. We assume this pleases the lynx and increases his blood lust.



Hunter’s father, Gary, the No Trash Cougar, is very proud of Hunter’s new job. Hopefully Hunter will follow in his father’s footsteps by bringing joy to children everywhere.