I don’t know about you, but this is super weird.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged, but he’s not even following her on Instagram!

Seriously, the FBI agent in me figured this out. When you search her name in his followers, she doesn’t come up…I have screenshots to prove it.


SEE?? Yet, he’s following Hailee Steinfeld. Savage.

Then when you search HIS name in Hailey’s followers…


Well, look at that…she follows him!

Then there’s this post, where he expressed his love for her, but doesn’t even tag her in it.



I don’t get it! Why doesn’t he follow her?

He follows 91 people, which includes ex-girlfriends Sofia Richie and Kendall Jenner…he even follows Drake, but he doesn’t follow his own fiancee.

Man, if I was her I’d be like, “well, I wanna say yes – but follow me on Insta so I know it’s real.” #2018probs

This is obviously stressing me out and I need answers.

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