Oral hygiene is important, that should be pretty obvious right? You HAVE to brush your teeth, or you could have a mouth that looks a little like this guy.

A 21 year old man named Jay appeared on the UK television series Embarassing Bodies back in January and as you can tell by the reality show’s title, he was sheepish about a particular part of his body, this being his mouth.

You see, Jay hadn’t brushed or flossed his teeth in over 20 years largely because his parents never stressed the importance of brushing his teeth to him from an early age, so quite bluntly, he just never did it; Jay also had a real fear of the dentist which also likely contributed to his lack of dental care (which is ironic since NOT taking care of your teeth would likely lead to MORE trips to the dentist, but let’s not sink our…wait for it…teeth into that subject).

Let me stop you right here, because the picture that you’re about to see is pretty graphic.

You sure you want to continue?

Last chance…

Okay, well here’s what Jay’s mouth looked like…




In the clip above Jay says, “I’d like to work in sports or physiotherapy, but because of my teeth it doesn’t really feel right…I feel embarrassed to tell somebody how to look out for themselves when I haven’t really taken care of my teeth.”

For the show, Jay visited Dr. James Russell who had to remove 11 of his teeth due to decay. The dentist also refused to give Jay implants unless the young man gave him a few assurances.

Russel said, “It’s sort of, change your lifestyle time…Cut down on the fizzy drinks, or just stop. Cut down on the sweets, start brushing your teeth, start trying to floss – especially once we’ve got things cleaned.” 

Jay agreed to those terms and the difference is striking to say the least.




For his part, Jay appeared happy with the results saying, “I’m a much more happier person…I’m definitely going forward to fulfill my dreams.” 

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