During an interview on Seven’s Sunday Night, Ed Sheeran admitted that he was ’emotionally exhausted and physically unwell’ when he made the decision to step away from the spotlight.

He told Angela Cox, Sunday Night guest reporter that, “I was like, at the unhealthiest I have ever been. Hair falling out, just chunky, boozing… like, it wasn’t great.”  Ed was in the public eye for six years and would return to music after twelve months.

Ed says, “I just needed to find some balance again and you need to appreciate what you do.” He went on to say, “I would be getting up on stage and being like, ‘oh I need to get off it’, and now I don’t want to stop touring. Now I really appreciate it, I have found a way to balance it and make it do-able, but that is definitely why I took a year off.”

During his time off, Ed did some travelling around the world.  He visited Iceland, Ghana, Italy, Fiji, Japan, New Zealand and Tasmania. Luckily enough, while he was living his life, Ed’s songs remained on the charts and were in high demand on all streaming services.

After releasing his newest album, ÷(Divide), it reached No. 1 in 95 countries.

He even confessed that ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is now a newlywed favourite at weddings.  “It’s nice because it kind of immortalises the song in terms of like… even if I fall out of grace and no one listens to me anymore, there’s couples everywhere that share that song, and that song will always exist in their life, even it is doesn’t exist in the public life.  I just think it makes your music last forever, memories like that.”



Talk about a comeback!





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