A dating app called The League is one of the most high-end, exclusive variations of Tinder. Their slogan is “Date. Intelligently.” and yes, there really is a period in between those two words.



This app claims it’s figured out how to stop ghosting, and stop all those flaky dating app users who will leave someone waiting for an eternity for a reply that’s never going to come their way. The League’s genius, avant-guard, completely revolutionary new feature: Read receipts.




On one hand, almost none of the other apps include read receipts, and read receipts can actually hold a user accountable for their flakiness!
But on the other hand, if someone doesn’t want to continue a conversation, they won’t.




“The anxiety [users] feel is all about the ‘not knowing’ if they should continue to wait on a match or go ahead and expire them,” Amanda Bradford, Founder and CEO of The League says. And, alright, this is valid, we’ve all been there! However, the constant phone checking and wondering this is probably the only thing that the app can help with.

Putting a stop to ghosting though?



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