Well, this is slightly uncomfortable…

It’s no secret that people will attempt to sneak food items into movie theaters because movie theater food prices can sometimes be a little bit high.




This is definitely a little bit different.

A deputy general manager at an Australian movie theater posted a picture to Facebook of a cucumber that one of his staff members found after a screening of Fifty Shades Darker.



Now look, it’s possible that the patron went to the grocery store, bought some vegetables and didn’t have time to go home to unpack and brought the groceries to the movie theater.




Another cucumber was found at a theater in England.



Now, I’m not a rocket scientist but I THINK I have a pretty good idea as to why the cucumber was there (I’ll let you think about that, or you may choose to not want to).




Now, this isn’t a new thing because since the first Fifty Shades movie came out in 2015, cucumbers have been found after screenings of the racy movie.




Alright then.


To help get your mind off of that, check out the music video for the Fifty Shades Darker song, ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ from Zayn and Taylor Swift.


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