Seems like science wants to help the fellas juice up their Tinder profile. 8 ways to make the best Tinder profile

It’s easier multiplying 74 by 38 (without a calculator…that’s cheating) than getting a couple right swipes. Guys tend to go through tinder swiping right without even looking, but women will over analyze everything. Look at their pictures, creep their facebook and instagram, and do a police background check before swiping right, BUT NO MORE!!! Guys, you can use science to help you get some likes and even SUPERLIKES (dream come true). Elite Daily has a list of 8 Ways A Guy Can Use Science To Make The Perfect Tinder Profile.




Probably not the best example. “Research indicates that when women across the globe are asked to look at pictures of men, they’re more likely to be attracted to a man if he’s wearing red”.

Focus on clothes that fit well


“Some people saw a picture of a man in a tailored suit, while others saw a man sporting a similar-looking suit that, while more expensive, wasn’t a custom fit. Turns out, the expensive suit didn’t help much. The guy in tailored clothes was generally rated as more confident and successful than his counterpart”. If you need tips, watch a few Episodes of How I Met Your Mother and take notes from Barney Stinson


Groom Yourself



“Looking to determine which physical features are most important in regards to attractiveness, researchers had 117 college students look at pictures of 76 men and women, ranking their looks.The results of the study showed that the most important factors in looking good are the ones that show a willingness to take care of yourself”. Guys this mean a nice haircut, smell good, and nice clothes. Lloyd Christmas gets it.


Get A Dog!


We all know that one guy that is single and just bought the cutest puppy ever…ya he’s not single anymore. Take some pics with a cute puppy, post it on your Tinder profile, and watch the matches pile up. “In a survey of online daters, women were twice as likely as men to report finding a potential date attractive because he had a pet in his picture”. Come on ladies, you can’t say no to a guy with this lil bundle of cuteness.


Stop Smiling…



DON’T smile in your pictures.“More than 1,000 participants were asked to view hundreds of pictures of men and women, ranking their attractiveness. Women rated guys who looked unhappy, with their eyes averted, as the most sexually attractive”. Now we’re not saying make a face like you have to go to the washroom, but put on that sexy, smoldering, angry look. Need tips? Zoolander!



Don’t over do it. No topless selfies at the gym, no picture of you riding a bear, just keep it simple. “In a study based on 86 major papers on attraction, researchers learned that you’ll come across as more desirable if you stick to using simple, friendly language in your profile. As it turns out, when it comes to online dating, people care less about how impressive you are, and more about how likeable you are”.



Put other women in your pictures?

Posting pictures on your Tinder with other women gets you some right swipes. “In the study mentioned above, the team also found out that having some pictures in which you’re surrounded by other women (especially if they’re smiling at you) is a good way of boosting your attractiveness”. TIP OF THE DAY: Use your mom…women like mama’s boys right?



And just be REAL

Just be yourself guys. No need to be someone that you’re not. “The most successful profiles tend to actually be the ones that are honest”. Plus come on guys, women can smell a lie from a mile away. Hiding a lie from a woman is like playing hide-n-seek in a glass house.

Now we know this is a lot of information to take in SO we are going to give you an example as to what your Tinder profile picture should look like…


Ladies would you swipe right?!