Daniel Radcliffe is town to promote his upcoming new movie ‘The F Word’, which hits theatres on August 22nd.

On Commercial Free Monday, he walked the Red Carpet at the Toronto Premiere that was hosted by Damnit Maurie and DJ Clymaxxx, and this morning he dropped by the KiSS 92.5 Studios to talk to Roz & Mocha!

The F Word was filmed in Toronto, and unlike some other Hollywood movies shot in town, it’s actually set in Toronto. “Toronto is Toronto, it’s not doubling for New York, or another city,” said Daniel. “It’s great, we get to show the city as a romantic city…and, I hope people we’ll see Toronto as a new Paris.”


The last time Daniel was in town was back in September to promote his film 'Kill Your Darlings', which was playing at TIFF. Roz & Mocha sent Damnit Maurie to interview him, and they were looking to have a little fun, so they asked Maurie to start a rumour that the world is SHOCKED that Daniel wasn't cast as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades film.

The result was international headlines, and the guys were able to get Daniel's reaction to the prank this morning.



Listen to the full uneditied audio with Daniel Radcliffe below.



Make sure to check out 'The F Word' when it opens in theatres on August 22nd!