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Lindsay Lohan WAS a pain on the set of The Canyons! We have AUDIO EVIDENCE!


Yesterday we told you about the journalist who blew the lid on the story about Lindsay Lohan having a meltdown on the set of The Canyons. The journalist alleges that Lindsay was fired, begged and cried to be hired back and kept acting out when she was eventually brought back on board. He says she even got drunk for certain sex scenes and drove herself home.

Well, we now have audio Lindsay tearing into one of her co-stars during rehearsal.

In the audio, a clearly upset Lohan can be heard saying, “Do your f**king job!!!”

The co-star in question is porn actor James Dean. He scored the part of the male lead in The Canyons.

The director asks for the actors to rehearse the scne and “take it all the way to the kiss”.

But when he yells “action” … something goes wrong. Then, Lohan explodes


“No, can you do it … Please James, say your line as you’re walking over … cause we’re doing rehearsal … do your f*cking job.”


After Lohan’s outburst the director can be overheard saying:

“Alright, I’ve had it … I’m tired.”


Lohan agreed:

“So have I.”


Check out the audio below.



Clearly Lohan never wants to get hired ever again. Disgusting.



Britney moving to Vegas?


It’s not the first time we’ve heard this rumour but it’s definitely sounding a little more serious this time. Apparently Britney Spears is in talks to headline a Celine Dion type show in Vegas.

Everyone knows that Vegas residency is where the big money is and it’s more stable than touring a different city or country every night of the week for a year or two.

From what we understand the negotiations are with the CAESAR’S ENTETAINMENT GROUP of properties. While it’s doubtful the deal would be for Caesar’s Palace, she could take up residency at The Rio, Paris or Planet Hollywood.

How much would a Vegas show pay Britney? Well, Celine Dion scored nearly $100 M a year. Could Britney score more?



More stars joining Beyonce for Super Bowl Halftime Show?



Sources tell US Weekly that Beyonce will begin the halftime show solo. Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland will then join her for a medley of Destiny’s Child’s greatest hits before they launch into “Nuclear,” the group’s first new song in more than eight years.

Also, don’t be surprised if hubby Jay Z and Justin Timberlake show up to perform the new single the three recorded together.

Let’s go football!