Ever wonder how the A list celebrities get “camera” ready for a red carpet or an event. Well, it takes a village! I’m a very lucky girl! During big events like Wham Bam, Grammy’s and even TIFF – I have a big support team around me. Nah I’m not talking about a producer or   an assistant. I’m taking about HAIR AND MAKEUP.  To me they are the most important team you can have.  Sure you’re research has to be bang on when you’re interviewing. But if you’re in front of Ben Affleck or Brad PItt and you look like you just woke up and your eyeliner is smudged….sorry no one will take you seriously!

As you know TIFF just wrapped…and although it’s glamourous working the red carpet. IT”S WORK! Yup you can’t just show up. Here’s the deal. I’ll watch a movie for 3 hours then write notes on the movie and research actors, producers and of course who they are dating or who they are divorcing in case they show up on the carpet with them…that’s another 3 hours! Then I still have to get ready, grab my dress and get my butt to a red carpet oh and somewhere in there do hair and makeup. I mean who wants to look like a hot mess on a red carpet. ummm not me thx!

During TIFF the last couple of years the Murale TIFF suite has looked after the media and  the top beauty editors in the city.  People like Lisa Tant who’s the publisher of Hello! are on the list. Dina from BT goes to the Murale suite. ( how did i get on this list…who knows but I gotta stay on it mu ha ha). They have the top stylists from Sally Hershberger come in from LA for the week! I had Amanda Seyfried’s personal stylist working on my hair! Oh AND he use to do Julia Roberts coiffe to. WTF. Amazing! Anyway the stylists and makeup artists  know that our time is limited so they get the job done in 30 minutes. Hair, makeup…sometimes Duo lashes. It’s nuts! How do they do it.?

I know one day (check it out here) I finished one red carpet @ 2pm and had to be back on a carpet with hair, makeup and a new outfit by 3:30. We were interviewing Tom Hanks and Halle Berry! Oh yeah that didn’t include travel time.  It takes a village to get ready for a big event.  So the next time you hear a celeb say it wasn’t a big deal getting ready for a red carpet or big event. They are LYING!. Here is a snippet of me getting all done up at the Murale suite. ( ps the Murale makeup artists were from the Shops of Don Mills location…they’re local!!)