• Jennifer Lopez leaving American Idol?
  • Who is Katie Holmes getting divorce advice from?
  • Did Eddie Muprhy die in a car crash?
  • Does Mark Wahlberg have a 5th child on the way?

All the answers after the jump.


Is Jennifer Lopez done with Idol?


Maybe. She talked about it this morning on the Today Show.

While on Thursday’s “Today” show to promote her appearance in Ice Age: Continental Drift, Lopez was asked about her future on the singing competition show.

She said:

”Maybe it’s time for me to go.”


Sounds like she’s either done or it’s a ploy for a bigger paycheck. I’m going with the latter but I don’t think it’ll work.



TomKat news … I’m not even going to mention that National Enquirer story that alleges that Tom abused Katie and Suri … what a crock.

But, I will talk about this. Has Katie Holmes been receiving divorce advice from Nicole Kidman?



According to Us Weekly Tom’s 2nd ex, Nicole, and Tom’s most recent ex, Katie, bonded over what took place in the past few weeks.

A source told the magazine:

“They’ve spoken over the last few weeks. Nicole has been supportive, saying she’s been through it too and to hang in there.”

The insider also claims that this isn’t the first time the two women have been in touch, noting:

“[Nicole] has been a private friend not many people know about.”

Katie and Nicole have reportedly been in touch off and on since Holmes and Cruise married, but it was Katie who reached out and asked for advice as she began the divorce proceedings. In response, “Nicole offered her support and help.”



Eddie Murphy die in a car accident in Switzerland?


Nope, he’s just the victim of the latest death hoax.



Mark Wahlberg and his wife expecting their 5th child?


Nope. Star Magazine got it wrong … just like they did back in April when they claimed Katie Holmes was pregnant with number 2. Yeah, both rumours are just a big pile of steaming number 2.